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Meet Dr. John Siekmann

John D. Siekmann, DDS

In the summer of 2013, I celebrated my 30th year at Associates for Family Dentistry. I grew up as a patient of AFD, and could not be prouder to have practiced my entire career here. I feel honored to have developed many long-term, professional relationships with my patients and staff.

My satisfaction comes from being able to provide high-quality treatment to my patients, and I truly value their trust in me. I realize most patients would rather be elsewhere than the dental office, but I do the best I can to have fun and make my patients as comfortable as possible during all procedures.

Our practice is unique to dentistry because we work in a group environment. With six dentists, seven hygienists, and several specialists, we are able to collaborate and discuss treatments for the success of patient outcomes. This improves the quality of care, and enables me to provide the best treatment at all times. These aspects of our practice, along with my artistic abilities, help achieve the best dental aesthetics, longevity, affordability, and comfort in a caring, professional practice.

Education and Continuing Education

Continuing education is very important to me. I attend many dental meetings, conventions, and seminars every year. I enjoy continuously learning new techniques and facets of dentistry. I combine new technologies and techniques with my experience in order to provide the highest quality of care. I regularly attend the world-renowned Gordon Christensen CRA seminars, and the annual American Dental Association mid wInter meetings.

Outside the Office

I have lived in the Midwest my entire life, most of it in Lake County. I have a wife and two children, and we are very active together. Some of our favorite hobbies are tennis, sailing, skiing, woodworking, and photography. I am quite proud to be an Eagle Scout, as is my son, and am a member of the National Ski Patrol.

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